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The County of San Bernardino has approximately 10,000 miles of roadways, including 6 Federal Interstate Highways, 2 Federal U.S. Highways, and 18 State Highways. The highway system includes two of the nation’s most important interstate highways, Interstate 10 and Interstate 15, which link Southern California to the Western U.S. and national business centers across the country. Locally, Highways 210, 60 and Interstate 40 also connect the Inland Empire with the region and the western U.S.


The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) provides information on transportation plans projects, and funding countywide.

Transportation Studies

Get detailed information on studies involving transportation projects across San Bernardino County.

Current Transportation Projects

Learn about projects throughout the County including freeway projects, major street improvements, freeway interchanges, and grade separations.

Public Transportation

Get informed about the public transportation options via rail and bus service in the County and beyond.